A little about me…

Hello. I thought I would write a bit about myself, so you have an idea about the person behind this blog.

  1. I am 18 years old. Almost 19.
  2. I am at university in Wales studying Psychology, love learning about relationships and the social side to Psychology
  3. No I cannot read minds, unfortunately
  4. I have just finished my first year, 24 assessments a couple of tears and a lot of laughter
  5. Top TV  shows include: The Middle, The Goldberg’s, Grey’s Anatomy, Night Shift, Code Black, Criminal Minds, The 100
  6. Top music: Fall Out Boy, Artic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine, The 1975, You Me at Six, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, The Killers
  7. Favourite Films: Pulp Fiction, Love Actually, Stand By Me, Bridget Jones Diary, Clueless, any marvel film (Ant Man, Thor, Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy), Confessions of a Shopaholic
  8. I love baking and cooking (chocolate cake is my speciality)
  9. I enjoy travelling, been to Norway, different parts of Spain and France (including Disneyland Paris)
  10. I want to travel across America, going to New York, LA and Disney World


Thanks for reading, got any questions leave them in the comments.

Amy 🙂


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