Relationships (Long Distance)


I am currently writing this blog listening to Ed Sheeran (One of many celeb crushes) who also writes amazing songs, wondering what a good a relationship is. What is a solid foundation to a relationship?  (Sorry this is a bit of a rant, I find it helps to write down my problems in hope of finding a solution)

So, I study psychology and psychology says that there economics of a relationship. It is sort of like an exchange, you give something to get something in return. I, personally am not keen on this idea of a relationship, I believe in equality within a relationship, and in exchange someone usefully loses out. In my relationship, I guess an exchange would be that my Boyfriend drives half an hour to see me, and I cook food for when he arrives.

I wouldn’t say my relationship was the most normal, but is any relationship normal. There is a slight age difference as he is older than me. I am in University and he is starting university next year (3 hours away from where I am-HELP!!!).  I would say that our relationship has gone all of a sudden and has now began to fizzle out. It is not as exciting and I am finding him doing things which annoy me (like mentioning his ex-a lot. Too much). I know all relationships have there ups and downs but us is rather down at the minute. I am home for 3 months, and am only seeing him twice. Then the weekend when I go to university as does he, so in the first 6 months I doubt we will see each other much.

So is the face to face connection an important part of a relationship? Do you have to have the physical contact in a relationship? According to statistics, the longest time you can go without seeing each other in person is two years, for the relationship to work. However, if a relationship is going to break down, in generally happens within the first 5 months of the time that there is distance separating the two people with in the relationship. Furthermore 70% of long distance relationships don’t work.

Some good news….

With the increasing technical advances, the long distance in the relationship doesn’t seem too long. With the ability to face time or Skype free of charge does fill in some of the gaps within the relationship and therefore makes it easier and more likely to continue the relationship. Furthermore, 30% of long distance relationships do work out, you might be in that 30%, you never know. All relationships need work and commitment, however this is all the more the case in long distance relationships this is defiantly do-able.

Have you got any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

Love Amy 🙂


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